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Member Monday - Featuring: Sarah Miller!

Meet... Sarah "Low Stakes" Miller

All about Cape Harmony!

Q: What were some of your goals as business manager for Cape Harmony this summer?

A: “Helping the group to grow and build connections to new communities. And setting up something that was fun and fulfilling for the other nine members.”

Q: How do you feel being that this is your fourth and final summer in Cape Harmony?

A: “I feel nostalgic and sad. But also proud and grateful of Cape Harmony and how much it has grown.”

Q: When you’re not at the Cape Harmony house, where is your favorite place to be on the cape?

A: “The beach. In either the early morning or the early evening. Basically anywhere near the ocean.”

Q: Did you have any personal goals as a group member going into this summer with CH? A: “I wanted to challenge myself to improve as a singer this summer. And develop a meaningful relationship with the other group members.”

Q: What has been your favorite CH memory of this summer? A: “Literally, I am in love with every moment; the good and the bad, the stressful and the not stressful.”

More about Sarah!

Q: What is a food you love, but you don’t eat often enough?

A: “Spaghetti squash, I fricken love spaghetti squash!”

Q: Who was your first celebrity crush?

A: “Honestly, Aaron Carter.”

Q: What would a world full of your clones be like?

A: “Frantic and tightly wound. Also full of empty peanut butter jars sprawled across the land.”

Q: What is the first thing you remember buying with your own money?

A: “Um I think a disco ball. Or maybe an eight ball…”

Q: What do you think you are interested in that most people aren’t?

A: “Something I’m stressed about.”

Q: What is something that was cool when you were young isn't cool now.

A: “Pink razor cell phones and long cardigans from Hollister.”

Q: Which animal do you wish could talk?

A: “My cat Sinbad. I know he would sound like an old professor, but I need to prove it.”

Q: What was the last song you had stuck in your head? A: “Waving through A Window from the Musical Dear Evan Hansen.”

Q: What do you do when you can't fall asleep

A: “I either try and read a book or steal Julia’s melatonin.”

Q: What is the most useless product you own?

A: “My ipod nano that doesn’t turn on.”

Click here to view Sarah's bio page!

Finally, it is our last week of shows. Although we are all trying to ignore that fact, we would LOVE to see you at one of our last shows this week! Check out our schedule to see where you can find Cape Harmony 2017 for the last time this summer.

Love, CH

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