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Member Monday - Featuring: Merin English!

Meet... Merin “From High School” English

All things Cape Harmony!

Q: How did you hear about Cape Harmony?

A: “I knew about Hyannis Sound because they always had a concert at the end of the year when I was in high school, and my friend Julia (who is in Cape Harmony) showed me basically the female version of them. I was like “WOW I WANT THAT TO BE MY SUMMER JOB”.”

Q: Were you nervous about moving to the Cape for the summer?

A: “I would say that I was nervous about living with 9 strangers, but I have Julia here so at least I had someone I knew really well… she’s strange, but she’s not a stranger.”

Q: What has been your favorite CH show of the summer so far?

A: “I know Annie already said this, but at the West Village Elementary School we sang a few songs for the entire school, and they sang every word of How Far I’ll Go with us. I cried. A lot. It was so cute!”

Q: Is there anything you weren’t expecting about CH that you found interesting?

A: “I had no idea how much work went in behind the scenes. Like, Sarah works so dang hard as the business manager, and literally everyone else is always doing something to further the success of Cape Harmony. It’s so amazing to see.”

Q: What are your personal goals for the summer as a member of CH?

A: “I’ve never sung this much in my entire life, so I’m looking to hopefully not break my voice and at the same time strengthen it.”

More about Merin!

Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: “I think a baby goat, because they look so cute and soft but they are actually kind of weird and crazy jumping all around and screaming.”

Q: What is a made up job that you think you’d do really well at?

A: “I think I would be really great at being a professional nap taker. No matter where I am, or how tired I am, I could probably take a nap. So anyone out there who would like to pay me to take naps you can reach me at ***-***-**** (phone number removed for safety).”

Q: What kind of shows are you into watching? A: “I really like shows with dry humor.”

Q: What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

A: “I’m lame and have only been as far as Florida, but I’m going to Ireland later in the summer and I’M SO EXCITED!”

Q: Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Peanut Butter and Fluff?

A: “Peanut Butter and Jelly, are you crazy?!”

Q: What could you give a 40 minute presentation on without any preparation?

A: “Literally nothing, I’m so bad at public speaking. If you asked me to talk about myself for 40 minutes I would probably not be able to do that.” Q: Would you rather go white water rafting or hang gliding? A: “Hang gliding! I think it would be more terrifying, but I love being scared.” Q: What is the best way to start a day?

A: “With a cup of English breakfast tea.” Q: What website do you visit most often?

A: “Youtube. And then I’ll realize three hours later that I’m in the weird part of Youtube where you don’t know how or why you got there.” Q: What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?

A: “I can pogostick with no hands, is that good enough?”

Click here to view Merin's bio page!

Just a reminder that there is no Hyannis show tonight, 7/3/17! But, on July 15th we will be having our Alumnae show at the Federated Church of Hyannis! Hope to see you there!

Love, CH

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