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Meet the Members

Cape Harmony 2024

Christie Burnside

Co-Music Director

Christie 1-2.jpg

School: Vassar College, Class of 2026

College A Cappella Group: The Vassar Devils

Major: Astronomy

Minor: Math

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Hobbies: Bracelet-making, reading, finding creative ways to transport herself to Dunkin' Donuts

Favorite Women Artists: Beyonce, Yebba, Adele

Grace Bevilacqua

Business Manager

Grace 4-2.jpg

School: Emmanuel College, Class of 2024

College A Cappella Group: For Good Measure

Major: Psychology

Minor: Counseling and Health Sciences

Hometown: Boston, MA

Hobbies: Running, collecting jewelry, hiking, making coffee

Favorite Women Artists: Yebba, The Japanese House, Carolina Polachek, Taylor Swift, MUNA

Molly Brown

Residential Director


School: Vassar College, Class of 2027

College A Cappella Group: The Vassar Devils

Major: Music

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: New York, New York

Hobbies: Songwriting, dancing, playing piano and guitar, thrifting, poetry

Favorite Women Artists: Indigo Girls, Ariana Grande, Carole King, Yebba

Katie Schouten

Co-Brand Manager

Katie 2-2.jpg

School: University of Massachusetts Amherst, Class of 2027

College A Cappella Group: S#arp Attitude

Major: Physics, Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science

Hometown: Wayland, Massachusetts

Hobbies: Reading, swimming at the beach, thrifting

Favorite Women Artists: Yebba, WILLOW, Victoria Monet

lydia kreidler

Co-Alumni Liason

Lydia 3 EDITED.jpg

School: Emmanuel College, Class of 2027

College A Cappella Group: For Good Measure

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Ashburnham, MA

Hobbies: Colorguard, having fun

Favorite Women Artists: Chappell Roan, Mitski, boygenius, Adrienne Lenker

Dani ewing

Co-Music Director

Dani 4-2.jpg

School: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Class of 2026

College A Cappella Group: Pitches & Notes

Major: Music Education

Minors: Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Brookfield, WI

Hobbies: Thrifting, binge-watching reality TV, going to crystal shops

Favorite Women Artists: Laufey, Remi Wolf, Lizzy McAlpine, Yebba

Nina Sandman

Outreach Coordinator

Nina 3-2.jpg

School: Vassar College, Class of 2026

College A Cappella Group: Home Brewed

Major: Religion

Minor: Greek and Roman Studies, Creative Writing

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Hobbies: Reading, word games, the ole hurkle durkle

Favorite Women Artists: Rachael Price, Chappell Roan, Fiona Apple

Ella Walker

Co-Brand Manager

Ella 7-2.jpg

School: University of Illinois, Class of 2026

College A Cappella Group: No Comment

A Cappella

Major: Communication

Minor: Gender & Women's Studies, Media

Hometown: Highland Park, IL

Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, shopping for friends

Favorite Women Artists: Brandi Carlile, Taylor Swift, Trousdale

Brooke Willse

Assistant Business Manager

Brooke 4-2.jpg

School: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Class of 2026

College A Cappella Group: The UNC Tarpeggios

Major: Human Development with a concentration 

Minor: Speech/Hearing Sciences, Music

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Hobbies: Kayaking, thrifting, searching for good key lime pie

Favorite Women Artists: Amy Winehouse, RAYE, Fiona Apple

adele smith

Co-Alumni Liason

Adele 3-2.jpg

School: Indiana University, Class of 2027

College A Cappella Group: Ladies First

Major: Economics, Political Science

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Hobbies: Playing piano, boxing, going to Dunkin', scuba diving

Favorite Women Artists: Lizzy McAlpine, Chappell Roan, Maya Hawke

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