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Member Mondays - Featuring: Catherine Doyle!

Meet Catherine “Doyle” Doyle

All things Cape Harmony!

Q: How did you hear about Cape Harmony?

A: "A member of my a cappella group at school, All of the Above, was in the group for a couple summers and she told me to audition."

Q: What have you learned this summer in CH?

A: "I’ve learned a lot…I guess the most important thing I've learned is how incredible it is making music with people you truly care about and respect. I think living with nine girls has taught me about balancing work and friendship."

Q: What’s your favorite CH memory?

A: "I think my favorite Cape Harmony memory is when we sang for a full airplane, 250 thousand feet in the air, even though I hate planes and I hate flying."

Q: How has collegiate a cappella prepared you for a professional a cappella group?

A: "Well, I was first introduced to the a cappella world when I got to Drew. Before then, I only really knew it from movies…so I guess it just really introduced me to everything I'd been missing out on for 17 years."

Q: What will you miss most about CH ’16?

A: "I’ll miss living in a house with my best friends and being able to share clothes and share good food and share laughs."

More about Catherine!

Q: What was the last thing you did for the very first time?

A: "I feel like I've done a lot of new things this summer, but something that’s sticking out in my mind is Cape Harmony's brief stint with paddle boarding. It didn’t really work out well for me. I don’t really have good balance. So. Yeah."

Q: What’s the worst gift you ever received?

A: "Oh my gosh. I feel mean saying anything. What if they read this?"

Q: If you were responsible for throwing a theme party, what would you make the theme?

A: "Nautical themed. 100%. Lots of teal and anchors."

Q: What makes you laugh the hardest?

A: "I guess what makes me laugh the most is my friends doing ridiculous things, which not surprisingly happens very often."

Q: What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

A: "You know, I feel like it’s a mix between really high energy, feel good tracks and mellow dramatic ballads, with a couple show tunes thrown in."

Q: What do you miss most about being a kid?

A: "Something I miss most about my childhood is every Tuesday night I would sit in the kitchen with my dad and share a bag of Smart Pop popcorn, and then we would go into the living room and watch American idol together."

Q: If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

A: "100% a monkey. I feel like monkeys just have a lot of fun, just swinging from vine to vine. They spit things at people. I feel like monkeys just have a lot of good laughs, ya know? Good times."

Q: Is a picture worth a thousand words?

A: "Nah. I think that’s over rated. I think a thousand words are probably worth a thousand words."

Q: If you could travel back in time, what year would you travel to?

A: "1920. I’d love to show up at an underground jazz club in a flapper girl dress. That seems like a really cool time to be alive."

Q: Are you a clean or messy person?

A: "I would definitely say I'm a messy person. I usually put most of my things in piles, but I can be organized if need be."

View Catherine's Bio page here.

We're trying to pack as much into these last few weeks here on the Cape, including our awesome Children's Workshop! Check out our Special Shows page for more information.




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