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Member Mondays - Featuring: Mackenzie!

Meet...Mackenzie "Kenz" Cohn!

All things Cape Harmony!

Q: How did you hear about Cape Harmony?

A: “Kat Butera and Mercedes (like the car) Arrillaga were in my college a cappella group and were both members of CH 2014. I saw them perform in Provincetown that summer and they immediately were like ‘they need lady basses, you should audition for them next year.’”

Q: How does your second summer compare to your first?

A: “It’s the same in a lot of ways, but I think that I as a person I'm in a better place than I was last summer. I’ve been able to completely give myself over to this experience and make the most of it, so taking advantage of things that I didn’t last summer has made all the difference.”

Q: How does Cape Harmony compare to your collegiate group?

A: “I was in an all-female group in college so I’m very familiar with the way that the music works. Differences I guess...this is just all that we have to do, which is incredible, to be able to completely give ourselves to this group and to the music. Being in school while doing this is so different.”

Q: What’s your favorite Cape Harmony memory?

A: “Honestly, probably singing at the State House last summer. It was so unlike what we expected, because we were prim and proper and ready to go and then we ended up just dancing with the House of Representatives."

Q: What have you gained from being a member of Cape Harmony?

A: "I think the biggest thing that I've taken away from Cape Harmony, all music and business things aside, is that I've learned so much from everyone I've met and I’ve learned so much about myself as a person. It’s a huge learning experience in every facet of life, personally, musically, business wise."

More about Mackenzie!

Q: What animal is most like you?

A: "I very strongly feel that my spirit animal is a corgi, because they're goofy and bouncy and happy and that’s me."

Q: What toppings are on your perfect pizza?

A: "My perfect pizza would have a lot of really weird things. It would definitely have peppers, onions, pineapple...definitely pineapple, probably some other veggetables too 'cause I'm a wacko."

Q: How do you spend your free time?

A: "What do I do when I'm not singing? I read a lot...I like to be doing things. I’m very social and I like spontaneity too, so I like to go on adventures. And astrology. Duh."

Q: What’s your favorite song and why?

A: "The one that’s coming to mind is Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin, cause I have really vivid memories of singing along to it in the car with my mom. I don't know why that’s coming to mind, but it’s a happy song for me."

Q: What motivates you?

A: "My family, specifically the fact that my parents are parents of an 18 and 22 year old and still chasing their dreams. My mom became a personal trainer and dad became a home inspector...they’re moving to a farm and they’ve never stopped going for what makes them happy, even if it doesn’t work out."

Q: If you were hosting a dinner party, name three famous people you would invite.

A: "Oh man, Maryl Streep, oh my gosh...I worship Meryl Streep. Yo, Lin Manuel Miranda cause he'd be hilarious, and…Jillian Michaels, and then I would bring my mom 'cause that’s her idol and she would cry of excitement."

Q: What’s your greatest strength?

A: "I would say my eternal optimism, sometimes called aggressive happiness. For example, I currently have a broken thumb thanks to a car door and a splint on it, but im calling it my perpetual thumbs up."

Q: What has been your most bizarre life experience?

A: "I work at a doggy daycare back home and in October, I had my nose broken by a dog. However, it's not as impressive as you may think, because it was an 18 lb dachshund that ran into my face. Cracked it in four places. Thanks, dexter!"

Q: Describe your favorite color without using the word.

A: "I think of a cruise I took with my family, my freshman year of high school, and we landed in Saint Thomas and we were going snorkeling. We got to the beach and the ocean was so vibrant and clear, almost other worldly, how bright the water was. It was like a gem stone, that ocean color, the one you see in picture that you think that’s not real, but it was."

Q: What was the last book you read?

A: "I have just finished the first Game of Thrones book, about 75 pgs into the second one, and I'm sucked in completely."

Click here to view Mackenzie's bio page!

We've had a very busy couple of weeks, and with August around the corner, we are preparing for some exciting stuff. Follow us on social media for a sneak peak at our summer shenanigans!



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