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Lessons from Dory

This year is a critical one for 90s kids all around the world (including the members of CH)! 13 years ago, our lives were changed by one little clown fish, and we've been waiting for the next chapter of the story ever since. Over a decade later, our dreams have finally been realized with Finding Dory, the long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo. Loaded up with candy and buttered popcorn, CH ventured to Regal Cinema last night, filled with excitement for this momentous occasion - and it was everything we could have hoped for.

Finding Dory is an emotional rollercoaster. The new characters are as lovable as our old pals, Gil, Peach, and Bubbles (among others). We laughed, we cried. Moral of the story: go see Finding Dory. You won't regret it.

Aside from the fact that the movie is entertaining and adorable, Disney Pixar does an amazing job ensuring that people come away from a movie having learned something. Finding Dory not only allows us to relive a beautiful childhood memory, but teaches us valuable lessons about family, friendship, and adventure. With that in mind, as the summer progresses we in CH will do our very best to keep those we love close, our friendships loyal, and our adventures full of excitement and courage. After all, that's exactly what Cape Harmony is about - passionate people coming together to spread happiness and music across Cape Cod! What better opportunity to take a moment and appreciate how lucky we are, and how grateful we are for our awesome fans. Thank you!

CH is so excited to make more memories all summer long, and we want YOU to be a part of those memories. Check out our full summer schedule here to see when you can catch a show.

We're also super excited to announce that this Saturday, June 25th at 8:00pm, a Cape Harmony concert will be live streamed online through Live from Center Stage at Cape Cod Community Media. This is a great opportunity for our family and friends who can't make it to the Cape to see a show, and the viewing only costs $10. Tune in at

Thanks for reading!

Love, CH

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