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Meet our Alumnae

We thank these  talented & beautiful women that paved the way for us to make our summer dreams come true!

Katie Hogan

Years in Group: 2007-2008

Anna Miller

Years in Group: 2012-2013

CH Role: Music Director

Alma Mater: Yale University

Major: Fine Art

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Favorite CH Memory: Cape Harminty ice cream

Catherine Doyle

Years in Group: 2016-2017

CH Role: Operations Manager

Alma Mater: Drew University 

Major: Music

Occupation: Production and Operations Manager

Favorite CH Memory: Everything!

Nina Pelligra

Years in Group: 2012-2013

CH Role: Music Director

Alma Mater: Syracuse

Major: Music Industry, Studio Recording, Voice

Occupation: Studio Manager 

Favorite CH Memory: Singing an impromptu arrangement of The Climb on the beach at night outside our apartment.

Rachel Rubin

Years in Group: 2016-2017

CH Role: Website Manager & MD

Alma Mater: Drew University

Major: Music

Occupation: Digital Marketing 

Favorite CH Memory:  Definitely the time we were each handed a small dog while singing on the street, watching sunsets on the beach with my gals...

Ellie Brigida

Years in Group: 2012-2015

CH Role: Music Director

Alma Mater: Wagner College

Major: Arts Administration

Occupation: Music Producer

Favorite CH Memory: We sang Pretty Hurts/Who You Are & the feeling of singing that song with other strong women who understand & love you is something that I will never forget.

Grace Eire

Years in Group: 2011

CH Role: Music Director

Alma Mater: Skidmore

Major: English

Occupation: Musician

Favorite CH Memory: Meeting my best friend!

Adrienne Rube

Years in Group: 2017

Alma Mater: Boston University

Major: English

Occupation: Publishing

Favorite CH Memory: Car rides to gigs, Cotuit Kettleers' games, singing at Polar Cave, living room movie nights, but mostly befriending & performing forcommunities all across the Cape/ Vineyard with 9 of the best people 

Megan Gladden

Years in Group: 2015

CH Role: Alumnae Coordinator

Alma Mater: Boston College

Major: English

Occupation: Corporate Affairs

Favorite CH Memory: Meeting the girls and having our first practice - we sounded amazing!

Anni Leff

Years in Group: 2010-2011

Alma Mater: Skidmore College

Major: History

Occupation: Development, Arts & Culture

Favorite CH Memory: Watching CH 2012 breathe new life into the group and have such a successful summer

Sarah Fischler (Rogers)

Years in Group: 2006-2007

CH Role: Booking & Publicity

Alma Mater: University of Rochester

Major: Cultural Anthropology & Music

Occupation: Instructional Leader & English Teacher

Favorite CH Memory: The little girl who sat in the center aisle for our entire show, one of our very first, completely mesmerized.

Rachel Seiler

Years in Group: 2007

Alma Mater: Brandeis University

Major: Neuroscience & Biology

Favorite CH Memory: Can I say the entire summer? The entire experience was great!

Mackenzie Cohn

Years in Group: 2015-2017

CH Role: Publicity Manager & Social Media Manager

Alma Mater: The College of Saint Rose

Major: Music Industry

Occupation: Baker

Favorite CH Memory: Arriving at the Cape Harmony house in 2016 and 2017, and feeling like I was finally back home!

Andrea Mitchell

Years in Group: 2010-2011

CH Role: Business Manager

Alma Mater: University of New Hampshire

Major: Business Administration

Favorite CH Memory: Becoming best friends with all the amazing and talented women I sang with!

Mandy Cook

Years in Group: 2009

Alma Mater: University of Connecticut

Major: Communications & Journalism

Occupation: Copywriter

Favorite CH Memory: Beach days & Brown Bag bagels!

Katherine Butera

Years in Group: 2014

CH Role: Co-Music Director

Alma Mater: The College of Saint Rose

Major: Music Education

Occupation: Chorus Teacher

Favorite CH Memory: Recording our CD

Polly Flinch

Years in Group: 2008-2010

CH Role: Co-Business Manager

Alma Mater: University of Rochester

Major: Psychology

Occupation: Director of Marketing

Favorite CH Memory: All of it!

Alaina Sawyer

Years in Group: 2012-2014

CH Role: Business Manager

Alma Mater: University of Rochester

Major: Anthropology, English Lit, Minor in Dance

Occupation: EF Education First

Favorite CH Memory: Do you really expect me to pick one?!

Mercedes Arrillaga

Years in Group: 2014

Alma Mater: The College of Saint Rose

Major: Criminal Justice

Occupation: Program Manager

Favorite CH Memory: Way too many to list!

Shelley Fang

Years in Group: 2012

Alma Mater: Framingham State University

Major: Communications

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Favorite CH Memory: All. Of. Them.

Stephanie Weymouth

Years in Group: 2013 & 2015

Alma Mater: Drew University

Major: Theatre

Occupation: Teaching Artist

Favorite CH Memory: Taylor “driving” her hummer in 2013

Carrie Holt

Years in Group: 2014

CH Role: Treasurer

Alma Mater: Wagner College

Major: Physics

Favorite CH Memory: Karaoke

Natalie Cardillo

Years in Group: 2015 & 2016

CH Role: Music Director

Alma Mater: University of Delaware

Major: Music Education

Occupation: Chorus Teacher

Favorite CH Memory: 2015: Singing for the MA Senate and House of Representatives 2016: The Halloween in July party and dressing up as Rafiki

Molly McKenna

Years in Group: 2006 & 2007

CH Role: Blog & Web

Alma Mater: Keene State College

Major: Journalism

Occupation: Director of Operations at RE/MAX (Austin, TX)

Favorite CH Memory: Coming home to find water POURING from the fridge. Oh, & we had a pool the second summer

Alyssa Norton

Years in Group: 2006-2008

CH Role: Co-Founder & Business Director

Alma Mater: Boston University

Major: Music

Occupation: Social worker

Favorite CH Memory: Drew and Molly carrying a mattress from one house to another because we had to move mid-summer!

Lisa Hawkins

Years in Group: 2016

Alma Mater: University of Puget Sound

Major: Japanese

Favorite CH Memory: Flying to New Jersey and riding a party bus to and from the airport!

Melissa Paul-Perez

Years in Group: 2006

CH Role: Co-Founder & General Manager

Alma Mater: University of Connecticut

Major: Music

Occupation: Education/Nonprofit

Favorite CH Memory: Watching my daughter dance and clap at her first CH show 10 years after we started this amazing journey.

Justine McLaughlin

Years in Group: 2014-2016

CH Role: Co Business Manager

Alma Mater: Emmanuel College

Major: Elementary Education

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Favorite CH Memory: When I began to sing Meg's solo incorrectly in front of a full audience and couldn't stop laughing for the next three years!

Shannon Vaughan


Years in Group: 2007

Alma Mater: Stonehill College

Major: International Studies and Political Science

Favorite CH Memory: Converting the skeptical to die hard fans :)

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